Personal Work from Joseph McLamb


Personal work from Stephen Tappin

Here’s some personal work from Steve.  Check him out on Instagram for more personal work.


Framestore Art Department: Our Team


(From left to right: Stephen Tappin, Joseph McLamb, Sanchari Chowdhury-Kesler, Brandon Norris, Jason Horley, Sam Rowan, and Dan Baker.)


Personal work from Jason Horley

Here’s a bit more personal work from Jason Horley, inspired by a recent trip to Thailand.

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Personal Work from Daniel Baker

Here’s some more personal work from Dan.

valour 2

i09 Storytelling

A piece we did awhile back for the i09 storytelling project collaboration.

io9_sub terranian_cave_v003_001_ST_sml

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Personal work from Joseph McLamb

Check out a personal piece I did recently. Trying to convey a sense of atmosphere and drama.

Cheers, Joe