More WWZ Concept Art

After roughly 6 weeks into working on WWZ, Nigel Phelps joined as Production Designer, and for awhile, he worked in our offices here at Framestore.  As Legacy were initially designing the Z’s, we helped out Nigel in those early days.  These early concepts show some of the very first images we produced on the show.

The rooftop escape from what was, at that time, Philadelphia.

South Korean Lab – An early story point was that the Zekes might have come from human experimentation.

The Fleet – These towers were to be what the fleet moored off of and could have contained water to help to maintain the survivors.

Jerusalem Landing – This was one of the paintings I did of Gerry’s unwelcome arrival.

And here is a photo of the maquette we produced of the final ‘Stage 4’ design.  I’d love to know where this is now.  It was nearly a meter across!

Next week – Russia.

Kev Jenkins, Art Director Framestore


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